Risk Management is a piece of eLearning set in a spooky hotel, with creepy locations and strange guests. The rich visuals and audio are very similar to those found in hidden object games.

The biggest challenge was how to produce rich game visuals on a small budget and in 10-15 days.


At first what seemed a very ambitious project turned into a pure delight and every location was produced to a high standard. I used a combination of techniques, using a oil filter on photos to produce a painted look as a base. This also involved finding separate photos of objects or using CGI to populate a scene and bring them to life. Once the backgrounds and objects were in place, I then over-painted where required to achieve the right lighting and shadows. Additional effects were to use textures to grunge up a scene.

Notable achievements:

  • Finding the right Photoshop techniques to create Risk Management's look
  • Taking a a photo of a bog standard vending machine and blending it in a very spooky stairwell, with extra rust, grunge and vintage adverts
  • The games room has interesting lighting and a creepy fortune teller
  • Hiding a mouse as an easter egg in every scene
  • Sourcing sound effects and a music track to really add to the atmosphere.

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Logo design
Vintage Design


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Audition