Robots Go Home! is a mobile puzzle game which provides a different slant to many matching games.

We decided to create Robots Go Home! as a learning play ground to explore tools, techniques and the process of releasing a game on iOS and Android.


The project has required many different aspects from a design and technical point of view. Below is just a selection of challenges and successes:

  • Designing high quality characters from storyboard to Illustrator and fully animated in Unity
  • Creating a bright and friendly UI with some good UX so the gamer never feels lost or confused. The UI also had to be used from small mobiles right up to large tablets
  • Designing special effects such as particle effects and animations
  • Designing a logo which will appeal to gamers and convey the overall feeling of the game.
  • Sourcing and designing sound effects and music
  • Working with the developer in Unity and C# to help speed up progress
  • Marketing, producing T-Shirts and a website.


Character design
User Interface Design
Game Design


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Audition